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AUNA was recognized as one of the best of three NGOs of Armenia by the UNDP, UNV and YFPD.

On December 5 the United Nations Volunteers Program in Armenia, together with the "Youth for Peace and Development" NGO, has organized an award ceremony for the "Best volunteer of the year" on the occasion of the International Volunteer Day.
Ms. Consuelo Vidal, UN RC/UNDP RR, Mr. Arsen Soghomonyan, head of the Youth Policy Department of the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, representatives of government institutions, accredited diplomatic missions in Armenia, private and public sector, and media took part in the event, which took place in the "Winter Garden" of the National Academic Theatre named after Gabriel Sundukyan.
The main goal of the event was to create favorable grounds for the establishment of volunteers’ network in Armenia and to contribute for further partnership in the field of volunteerism, thus uniting various NGOs, youth centers and social centers which operate based on volunteers work.

Ms. Consuelo Vidal in her opening speech said, "It is crucial and critical for all of us to understand the meaning of the concept 'volunteerism for development' and its role in fostering peace and development. Volunteerism for development enhances the capacity of people to exercise choices to set and achieve their own development objectives. It is a fundamental source of collective strength and spirit that exists in all societies throughout the world. Through volunteerism, more people participate in development at all levels of society, which empowers them and gives them a personal stake in their country’s future - so vital to the healthy functioning of a democratic society. In this way, volunteerism fosters secure and stable environments conductive to sustainable development.” She also stressed that the United Nations Volunteers Program has recently started also in Armenia with the support of United Nations Development Program.

During the ceremony AUNA was recognized as one of the three best volunteering organizations of the year along with Armenian Caritas and YFPD.
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