MDG Promotion Week

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In the scope of the Confidence Building in South Caucasus MDG Promotion Week was announced and conducted by AUNA from 17-24 December, 2008 in four regions of Armenia and in Yerevan. Nearly 300 young people were involved in the project representing local NGOs, Art Schools and Universities. Meeting with representatives from the UN agencies was held in the UN office in Armenia.

The goal of conducting the MDG Promotion Week was to promote the dissemination of UN values with main focus on achieving MDGs through awareness-raising among young people from Yerevan and four regions of Armenia.

The MDG Promotion Week was titled Achieving the Millennium Development Goals: Eight Ways to Change the World.

Essay Competition on MDGs was organized among University-level students. The winners were announced during the Concluding meeting in the UN office on December 22.

MDG Brochure was developed and prepared with main focus on raising awareness among young people in Armenia.
Seminars and Day of Debates on MDGs were conducted by AUNA leaders in four regions of Armenia.

Concluding meeting was organized on December 22 in the UN office in Armenia. Representatives from the UN office in Armenia, Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of RA, NGO sector were invited.

Ms. Arpine Danielyan welcomed all the guests and opened the meeting with representation of the Confidence Building in South Caucasus project in the scope of which the MDG Promotion Week was conducted.

Mr Dirk Boberg, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, welcomed this initiative and had a speech on MDGs introducing the work already accomplished, main achievements and further programs in Armenia. Ms Diana Harutyunyan, UNDP Expert on Climate Change, introduced the report on climate change which deals with the global review of climate change, global response, possible consequences and response measures in Armenia. Ms. Marina Solakhyan, UNDP Anti-trafficking Project Coordinator also had a speech on Anti-trafficking Program in Armenia.

Ms Arpine Danielyan, AUNA Executive Director, introduced all the MDG related activities conducted by AUNA during the last year. Two films were demonstrated on the 3rd WFUNA Asia Pacific Model UN (APMUN) and the 2nd Armenian Republican Model UN (ARMUN) both featuring the theme of achieving the MDGs. UN DPI office also provided a demonstration of MDG film.
Representatives from NGO sector and students from different Universities were present. The winners of the Essay and Painting Competitions were announced and awarded.

Radio Program via Public Radio of Armenia was broadcasted on December 24 introducing the whole activities held during the MDG Promotion Week including interviews with the UN representatives Mr. Dirk Boberg, Ms Diana Harutyunyan and AUNA representatives.

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