First Model UN bilingual book in Armenia

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Model UN book was developed and published in 2008 with financial support of the UN DPI Armenia office. This is the first bilingual (Armenian and English) book on the Model UN ever published in Armenia.

Each year nearly 200 Armenian students take part in Model UN Conferences on local, national and regional levels and the necessity of such a book which would serve also as a participants’ handbook was emerging. This manual of Model UN was AUNA president Karen Asatryan's initiative and the AUNA staff members and volunteers dedicated it to his memory, to the memory of Karen Asatryan, the public activist who was vital in raising awareness about the UN among the youth of Armenia.

The book contains needed information on UN in general: starting with UN founding to the establishment of UN office in Armenia. What is Model UN, How to get ready, What are the rules and procedures, How to become a participant and organize Model UN Conferences, one will find all those answers in the book chapters.


Model UN book also contains valuable information on rhetoric precepts, lobbying, diplomatic and orator skills that are needed for each participant. Thanks to this book you can get acquainted with different Model UN Conferences conducted on the local, regional and international levels.

The main purpose of the book is to provide those young people who participate and those who long to with needed information about the youth favorite event all over the world.

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