Condition of Refugees in Armenia

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Research on Condition of Refugees in Armenia was conducted by CRINGO network with support of the Danish Refugee Council. AUNA actively took part in the research activities. Based on the findings of the research the bilingual report on issues of refugees was prepared and published.

It is the second decade when the Government of Armenia, international and local non-governmental organizations make efforts to solve the various problems of 360 000 refugees living here. The situation of refugees in Armenia has gone through substantial changes in the past years, yet the practice of local NGOs working in this field shows that the overall dire conditions have not changed substantially. This is largely due to the complex economic and social situation in the country, but also to the absence of comprehensive state politics and strategies on providing for refugees who still enjoys this status as well as for those who have obtained Armenian citizenship, but whose vulnerability is due to the consequences of displacement. At this point local NGOs need to take a more active stand in protecting the rights and interests of refugees, gradually replacing protection of international agencies that are winding down their refuge related programs in Armenia.

Some programs are ongoing aimed at resolving the key social problems of refugees; nevertheless Yerevan Coordination Point members of CRINGO network, as well as other relevant NGOs believe that this research have so far failed to produce a significant impact on the lives of other beneficiaries.

The report provides several conclusions that can be helpful for the Government and other relevant institutions for better understanding and giving effective solutions of the refugee issues in Armenia.

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