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What is Model UN?

Model United Nations (MUN) is an authentic simulation of specific UN bodies, committees or conferences such as the General Assembly or Commission on Sustainable Development. In MUN, students step into the shoes of ambassadors of UN Member states to debate current issues on the organization's vast agenda.

The popularity of Model UN continues to grow, and today several hundred Model UN conferences are organized each year at all educational levels from primary school to university in many different configurations. Many world leaders participated in Model UN during their academic careers.

Model UN is a unique learning system, whose basic fundamentals are: respect for rules and laws, civilized debates, peaceful coexistence of different opinions and accord creation.

By playing the role of diplomat, young people write draft declarations, develop strategies, conduct negotiations with opponents and allies, solve conflicts; guided by UN problem solving process rules.

Today, MUN exist in over 40 countries. The MUN simulations are adaptable to any scale and MUNs have been held at the classroom, school, regional, national and international level. Larger events are called conferences, because they bring participants from all over a country or the world.

Participation in MUN is an unforgettable learning experience that not only immerses young people in the study and discussion of global issues, but also encourages the development of skills which they will find useful throughout their lives. Model UN enhances students’ capacity to engage in problem solving, it teaches aspects of conflict resolution, research skills, and communication skills, and it creates the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

What to Expect at a Model UN

As student delegates will be playing the role of diplomats, it is expected that every student will conduct him/herself as a diplomat and treat others with respect, courtesy, and dignity.

Remember every conference participant is a guest in the host country and should strive to respect local laws, customs, and practices.

The use of illicit drugs and any other illegal substances according to international and local law are prohibited at all times by conference participants throughout the duration of the conference. Any violations will automatically bar individuals from all further conference activities and proceedings.
Sexual harassment on any level will not be tolerated at the conference. Any reported incident of sexual harassment will result in immediate removal from the conference and all related activities.

Dress code is western business attire for all Commission and committee sessions. Males are to wear suits or sport coats and ties. Females are to wear dresses, suits, or professional pants. If a conference participant is unsure about the appropriateness of their attire, please consult your head UNA representative or a member of the Secretariat.

Conference participants should respect at all times the facilities, equipment, rooms, buildings, and surroundings that may be used throughout the conference. Delegates should never wander off alone without going with another person or informing someone of where you are intending to go. This is for reason of safety or in the event you need to be contacted immediately.
Conference Preparation
A successful Model UN Conference requires careful preparation from the delegations. It is extremely important that the delegates have a strong grasp of the following:
  • The chosen theme and its history (UN resolutions, country positions, etc.)
  • General information about your assigned country (geography, climate, population, economy, etc.)
  • Your assigned country's policy concerning the theme
  • The UN and its bodies and mechanisms (Security Council, General Assembly, ECOSOC, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge about resolution writing, negotiation, position paper writing and public speaking.


An extensive database of knowledge on history, politics, economics; an entire set of skills on diplomacy and ethics; the ability to demonstrate leadership and negotiation skills; plus pleasant relationships and new encounters… Let’s play Model UN!
Model UN is a path. Every young person who takes that path finishes the journey equipped with a wealth of information, learns the problems of our planet and tries to come up with solutions. A welcoming address at the beginning, then formulating the position of your own country, and lengthy discussions... At the end of the game a resolution is adopted. This resolution is a prescription for the given problem and for the well-being of our planet.

Model UN is played all over the world - from the East to the West. When Armenia became a member of the UN in 1992, it too took up the dissemination of UN values by presenting to the public those very values that are guidelines for many countries. Disseminating the norms embedded in the Charter among the Armenian youth became a matter of timeliness, its need was established and this is where, once again, the uniqueness of Model UN game-conference was emphasized. It indeed is the most concise and meaningful way to study the activities of different UN bodies, to learn the structure of this organization, and to discuss many very important issues. Furthermore, it is a school that has a critical role in the lives of so many people, “infecting” them with the addictive desire to take part in the Model UN again and again.

Model UN is one of the favorite events of Armenian youth. Each year about 200 Armenian students take part in Model UN.
The role of prominent public activist Mr. Karen Asatryan, AUNA founding-president was vital in raising awareness about the UN among the youth of Armenia. Under his leadership, AUNA has conducted Model UN conferences in Yerevan and different regions of Armenia; thus making many young people in Armenia part of all that is happening in the world.

Model UN launched in Armenia in November 2000. Many Conferences have been conducted devoted to the sessions of the General Assembly, the Security and Human Rights Councils by the instant support of the Armenian office of UN DPI and since 2005 also with the active initiative of AUNA in partnership with UN Communication Group, UN DPI, UNFPA, UNICEF, Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia and UNA Sweden.

Model UN is one of the core youth-oriented projects of AUNA.
AUNA has accumulated a wealth of experience in conducting and participating in more than 20 Model UN Conferences involving more than 1000 students on local, national, regional and international levels over the last three years.

We are positive that many of you are tomorrow’s political leaders and crucial decisions makers. So don’t hesitate. Find out all the details of the conference and start your journey toward the future with us on the path of the Model UN Conference.

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