Reinforcement of Management of Migratory Flows in Armenia

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Reinforcement of Management of Migratory Flows in Armenia

“Reinforcement of Management of Migratory Flows in Armenia” is a joint project of AUNA and “People in Need” Czech NGO in the scope of the “Thematic Program of Cooperation with Third Countries in the Areas of Migration and Asylum” supported by the European Commission and Czech Government.

The project’s objectives are in line with the 2005 EC/Armenia Action Plan. It aims to extend the measures preventing illegal migration, to support reintegration incentives, to mitigate the absence of legislation regarding returnees and the absence of data on migration and migration routes. The project will support the improvement of the management of migration flows by Armenian state and non-state actors and engage Armenian Diaspora in efforts for migration prevention

The Project duration is 3 years (2009-2012). The target results of the Project are:

1. "Increased inter-agency cooperation on migratory flows, including international best-practice sharing"
The first result will have structural impact in the migration sector. Despite previous and running initiatives in the field of migration on national and international level, the structure is still not functioning and needs reinforcement. On-going co-ordination with parallel projects is necessary and will constitute a share of the work of the working group. The activities of the achievement result one will include reinvigoration and ongoing support to multi-sector working group on migration, technical assistance to development of legislative amendments with special regard to returnees and development of a draft program for reintegration of returnees, thematic study visit to Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

2. "Increased public awareness of risks related to illegal migration. Potential migrants access services enabling them to find an alternative solution to migration"
This result complements Result one and brings the project results on regional level. Result two will benefit primarily to five Armenian regions, most affected by migration. They are Gegarkunik, Sirak, Lori, Kotayk regions and Yerevan. There is high potential for replication of this result to other Armenian regions. The activities of the achievement will include establishing information centers for migration, Regional media information campaign; journalist award will complement the local- and regional-level awareness activities.

3 "Improved accessibility of supportive services for voluntary returnees"
This result complements results 1 and 2 and reaches to yet another level – to the individual support of returnees. From another perspective, the level of achievement of this result and the lessons learnt from the work with individual returnees will provide feedback to Results 1 and 2. The activities of the achievement will include re-integration of voluntary returnees through small grant facility, re-integration of voluntary returnees through re-qualification courses and trainings and assistance in job search, social and legal advisory.

4 "Options generated on how prevention of migration can be boosted with contribution towards regional development in Armenia by long term Armenian migrants living abroad"
This result brings international dimension to the previous three results. It reaches to Armenians in emigration through Diaspora organizations with the previous three results. It utilizes the potential of Armenians living abroad in the long-term for the support of development project. The support will be directed through setting up the pilot development fund. The earnings of the fund will be invested to re-integration of returnees. In addition, the Armenians in Diaspora will serve as a source of information which is needed in Results one, two and three. The activities of the achievement will include Internet portal for Armenian Diaspora, analysis of fundraising potential among Armenian Diaspora, establishment of Pilot Development Fund.
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