Youth against Trafficking

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"Youth against Trafficking" Campaign

"Youth against Trafficking" Campaign is the joint project of the Armenian UN Association (AUNA), Armenian Red Cross Society (ARCS), International Youth Bridges Foundation (IYBF) and Association of Audio-Visual Reporters (AAVR) supported by UNDP Anti-trafficking program of Armenia.

The main aim of the project is to raise awareness of the Armenian population in general and particularly youth on Trafficking in Human Beings and its relation to Forced Labor issues by consolidating efforts of partner organizations.

It is also aimed to equip young people with knowledge and skills enabling them to avoid being trafficked and to mobilize their potential in combating trafficking.
Therefore, using modern means of communication, i.e. trainings, campaigns, short educational film and other internationally accepted educational tools, reach out to a substantial number of young people empowering them with information on progressive ways and means of preventing human trafficking.

The Project will be conducted in Yerevan and in seven regions of Armenia: Armavir, Ararat, Kotayk, Shirak, Lori, Aragatsotn and Gegharqunik from August to November 2009.
The project objectives are the following:
• To increase awareness of general public with main focus on youth on National Referral Mechanism and other available assistance services for victims of trafficking
• To promote reduction of vulnerability to labor trafficking and prevent irregular migration among potential migrants especially youth
• To consolidate efforts of active anti-trafficking NGOs in combating trafficking
• To strengthen capacities of Armenian civil society organizations in the field of combating trafficking through creation of available and accessible experience sharing mechanism

A Pool of Trainers will be created which will become a long term experience sharing mechanism to support any initiative in the field through free of charge or low cost assistance of experienced trainers and maximize effectiveness of any projects aimed to fight Trafficking in Human Beings.

The project will raise awareness on the National Referral Mechanism as one of the main tools of assistance to victims of Human Trafficking. In the framework of the campaigns participants will become familiar with main indicators which can help to identify victims of sexual and labour exploitation, begging and pretty crime, domestic servitude and children trafficking developed within UN Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT) and presented during UN.GIFT Vienna Forum in 2007. This will make to sensitize society and empower community members to identify victims of trafficking and secure access to National Referral Mechanism.
The project’s objectives are also in line with the 2007-2009 National Anti-Trafficking Action Plan of the Republic of Armenia.
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