Armenian Artists against Trafficking

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“Armenian Artists against Trafficking” Campaign

Within the frameworks of the UNDP “Anti-Trafficking” Programme: Capacity Building Support and Victims Assistance” AUNA in partnership with UNDP Armenia, State Song Theatre, ArmenTel, “Monarch TV” Studio implemented “Armenian Artists against Trafficking” awareness raising Campaign from October 2005 to January 2006.

The aim of the Campaign was to raise the awareness about Anti-Trafficking issues among the public at large and in particular, among youth. The Director of the Armenia’s State Song Theatre composer A. Grigoryan expressed his readiness to fully assist the Project. Upon his music and lyrics by young and talented poet A. Barseghyan Single of the Campaign with a symbolic title “In the Name of Love” was produced.

During the Campaign seminars on Anti-Trafficking issues, demonstration of the film “Lilya Forever” and concerts were organized in two regions of Armenia and the final Gala-Concert in Yerevan.

Prior to the Concerts a special Manifesto was developed by the UNDP Anti-Trafficking Team and AUNA Project Implementation Team, which was further signed by about 30 famous Armenian pop stars. Signing the Manifesto and joining the organizations and individuals against Trafficking the same stars with their songs were directly involved in the project activities. They participated in the three concerts organized within the project, represented for the first time the Single of the Campaign “In the Name of Love”, as well as kindly gave their songs for the production of musical collection of Armenian- and English-language songs.

UNDP and AUNA Project Implementation Teams jointly developed a special SMS message and on December 2, 2005 organized its distribution to all users of ”ArmenTel” mobile service commemorating the International Day for “Abolition of the Slavery”. During the lifetime of the Campaign “Monarch TV” Studio provided its video coverage, upon which a film on the Campaign was produced.
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