Tolerant New Generation – Guarantee of Peace & Understanding

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Tolerant New Generation - Guarantee of Peace and Understanding

Tolerance-building is the best starting point for the achievement of peaceful and prosperous South Caucasus.

Tolerant New Generation - Guarantee of Peace and Understanding project envisages a special curriculum including all the necessary components of intercultural learning and mutual understanding, as well as interactive games creating the team spirit among young people from three countries.

The goal of the Project is to promote an intercultural dialogue among South Caucasus Youth.

The strategic objectives of the Project are:

• Building atmosphere of tolerance and mutual understanding
• Dissemination of the UN mankind values and perception of their importance toward solution of regional issues
• Initiate further collaboration and networking among youth.

The accomplishment of the project will be 33 trained participants, who may further use their knowledge upon return to their countries. Also, the Summer School will provide framework for participants to commence networking both on national and regional levels. Upon completion of the Summer School the Project Implementation Team will design a website/info portal. The website will be moderated by the Project Team and will give a floor to both direct and indirect beneficiaries to organize online forums, panel discussions, presentations providing subsequent intercultural dimension for the project. The direct beneficiaries of the Project are 33 schoolchildren (11 participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia respectively) and indirect beneficiaries are peer group representatives of the participants (classmates, friends, young people interested in the Summer School topics). According to the approximate estimations more than 500 schoolchildren will be influenced by the project and be considered as indirect beneficiaries.

The Tolerant New Generation: Guarantee of Peace and Understanding Summer School will be held from August 21-29, 2006 in Nunisi, Georgia jointly by the UN Association’s Caucasus Network.

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