South Caucasus Youth Peace-Building Initiative

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Armenian–Azerbaijani Youth Peace-Building Initiative

This is a unique project to be implemented jointly by AUNA in partnership with Educational Center for Youth (ECY) NGO from Azerbaijan with support of the CRS and will last from June 1 to August 31, 2007. Currently, young people in both countries lack the communication space to formulate their attitudes towards the NK conflict and its implications, as well as to systematize and discuss the impact of the country-specific and regional contexts on their own lives. Without this opportunity, youth from both sides are unable to fully influence regional development within a conflict sensitive environment where different actors and stakeholder perspectives are allowed.

Considering the potential of young people to positively impact and transform conflict in the region, CRS/EME supports the South Caucasus Youth Peace building Initiative to provide an opportunity for young people of Armenia and Azerbaijan to reflect on current realities, contexts within country-specific and regional levels, as well as the impact of the NK conflict on the individuals’ lives.

As a result of this initiative, more than 350 young people will take part in 14 Focus Group Meetings in Armenia in six regions and in eight regions in Azerbaijan. This will actively reflect the influence of the conflict on their personal lives, society and region. 21 young people in each country will complete a workshop on peace building, where they will increase their capacity to understand conflict analysis, advocacy, and networking and to develop the joint initiatives with young people of the other side.
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