Building Youth Constituencies for Peace

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Building Youth Constituencies for Peace - 2008

Building Youth Constituencies for Peace (BYCP) project is a follow up of the previous CRS E/ME and CORDAID funded 3-month South Caucasus Youth Peace building Initiative (SCYPI) implemented in 2007 in Armenia and Azerbaijan jointly by the Armenian UN Association (AUNA) and Educational Center for Youth (ECY). SCYPI project gave space and opportunity for 170 young people in Armenia and 220 young people in Azerbaijan to express their reflections on the influence of the NK conflict on their individual lives, society and entire region. As a result of the project two films were recorded and 20 young people in each country trained as multipliers of the youth peace advocacy network in each country.

The main aim of the BYCP project is to create adequate space and communication for young people from Azerbaijan and Armenia, as well as Azerbaijani and Armenian communities of Nagorno Karabakh to contribute to the regional peace and development through cross-border collaborative measures.

Currently, young people in both countries lack the communication space to formulate their attitudes towards the NK conflict and its implications,. as well as to systematize and discuss the impact of the country-specific and regional contexts on their own lives. BYCP will provide young people of Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as the Armenian and Azerbaijani communities of Nagorno Karabakh with adequate space to discuss the disclosed issues together and to elaborate joint initiatives.

The core component of the project will be joint meetings of Azerbaijani and Armenian young people to discuss and reflect upon the common issues identified during the focus group meetings in both countries.

This project will strongly rely on the results of the previous initiative actively engaging young people who already have increased capacity in peace building, conflict analysis, negotiations, networking and advocacy. It is expected that the country level network of young people in each country will successfully cooperate to build a joint regional youth network for further peace building activities at the local and regional level. Moreover, the project activities will have positive impact on the mutual confidence between young people of both countries, which also in long run could promote efficient cross-border youth activities addressing issues of peace and regional development.

The main follow up of the project will be joint activities of youth in their home communities regarding peace advocacy. Moreover, groups of participants will elaborate joint peace advocacy initiatives to address government policies and intervention of the international organizations. The Network will be open for new groups of young people and its gradual enlargement will have significant impact on both societies to obtain alternative sources of information and communication space.
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