Focus Group Discussion and Capacity Building Training in Armavir

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On July 14, the Armenian United Nations Association held a focus group discussion in the frames of the Advocating Human Rights in Armenia project to find out the needs of duty bearers and right holders in Armavir region of Armenia. Over 12 participants attended the discussion, which was followed by the capacity building training. The audience consists of the representatives of local governmental body of Armavir, CSOs, media and active youth.The main objective of the training was to empower the decision makers and representatives of civil society and equip them with the necessary skills to design and plan further cooperation with each other.
The focus group discussion portrayed the areas of common concern for the community in Armavir region. The participants underlined that more attention should be drawn to the issue of inclusive education in the local schools.Youngsters advanced the problem of unemployment as another fragile topic of Human Rights.
During the capacity building training the attendants brainstormed on the ways to meet the current gaps in cooperation with the decision makers. They came across new ideas and plans to implement together.
After the training, the participants continued the discussion in an informal way. They were talking about the practical ways to strengthen the connection between the local governmental representatives and the society.
AUNA is assessing their cooperation against a list of criteria-sustainability, feasibility, effectiveness and inclusiveness.


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