Confidence Building and MDG Promotion in South Caucasus

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Confidence Building and MDG Promotion in South Caucasus 2007/2008

Confidence Building and MDG Promotion in South Caucasus was a two year joint development cooperation program of the UNA Georgia and UNA Sweden implemented with the Forum Syd assistance, in partnership with UNA Armenia and UNA Azerbaijan Initiative Group.
The development objective of the project was to contribute to democracy and civil society development in Georgia and in the South Caucasus region.
Aiming at role plays, workshops, educational programs, and trainings the beneficiaries of the program were youth, women, media, IDPs, and NGOs in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Components of the Program:

  • Confidence Building in the South Caucasus implemented activities supporting establishment of UNA Azerbaijan, strengthening of UNA Armenia’s capacity on a regional   level and providing successful cooperation between UNA Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.
  • Confidence Building in Shida Kartli and Imereti Regions and Civil Society Development in Adjara was one of the significant directions of the program aimed at establishing and strengthening cooperation and networks between NGOs in the regions through various activities.
  • MDG Promotion/Monitoring aimed at increasing the CSOs involvement in MDGs promotion and implementation process.
AUNA conducted trainings on human rights for local NGOs. The trainings were aimed to increase the NGOs’ awareness on human rights, and foster their capacities to address the human rights issues locally and countrywide, and incorporate them into their working agenda. Trainings involved leading local NGO entities of Armenia.



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