Advocating Human Rights in Armenia

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On June 20, 2015, UNA Armenia implemented a focus group discussion and a capacity building training for the duty bearers and the right holders of Aragatsotn Marz/Region. The event was organized in the frames of the “Advocating Human Rights “Programme conducted in cooperation with UNA Sweden and financed by Forum Syd/Sida. 

The “Advocating Human Rights in Armenia” Programme applies to the Human Rights based approach to development in every phase of the programme cycle. To that end, AUNA is holding the needs assessment studies in its target regions to find out the gaps hindering the implications to the mentioned approach exemplified by the cooperation between the duty bearers and rights holders.

Therefore, the focus group discussion was conducted with the participation of the representatives of local governmental body, CSOs, municipality and the active youth.

The focus group discussion has revealed all the needs and weak points that the duty bearers and rights holders are facing while advocating for Human Rights in Aragatsotn. The main conclusion of the discussion was that the actors did not have sufficient awareness on the ways to cooperate with each other for the betterment of their community. 

According to the philosophy of the Human Rights based approach to development, the participants of the focus group discussion were equipped with the necessary skills and methods for further collaboration between each other. Based on the different real cases, they discussed the best ways and mechanisms of partnerships guaranteeing the effective work with the maximum benefit for the society.

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