MDG Promotion Week

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 MDG Promotion Week


It has become a pleasant tradition to conduct an annual MDG Promotion Week in the scope of the “Confidence Building in South Caucasus” regional project implemented by AUNA, UNA Georgia and UNA Azerbaijan Initiative Group in cooperation with UNA Sweden.
MDG Promotion Week titled “Achieving the Mid-term of MDGs” was held from 19-25 December, 2009 in Yerevan and three regions of Armenia. 

The Goal of the MDG Promotion Week was to inform and increase the level of awareness of  the society of Armenia in general, focusing on young people who will serve as multipliers and will be further involved in the  information dissemination process on MDGs to be carried out by AUNA.
For this purpose AUNA involved its Youth Division members who actively organized all the activities in Yerevan and regions.

Under the theme “Achieving the Mid-term of MDGs” a debate with students, round table discussions with representatives of civil society and international organizations, outdoor activities in regions and Yerevan were held. During the week AUNA distributed informative materials and posters on MDGs, designed and printed especially for the MDG Promotion Week.
AUNA Youth Division initiated and organized the concluding event of the MDG Promotion Week which was held on 24 December, 2009, at the AUNA office.  Students, partners, friends and just citizens who encourage MDG implementation in Armenia were gathered around The MDG New Year Tree. The MDG New Year Tree decoration was the symbolic event which was announced as the start of new initiatives and activities with the purpose to raise awareness on the MDGs among young people in Armenia.


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